Analysis Of The Cooling Structure Of Shadowless Lamp In Operation-one

- Mar 24, 2020-

Surgical shadowless lamp is a common medical device for our medical staff. Compared with some parameters such as illuminance and color temperature, you may be very familiar with it. Then you may not know much about the heat dissipation mode of surgical shadowless lamp. Let's introduce the heat dissipation system of surgical shadowless lamp.

A surgical lamp with good convective cooling effect. The utility model can provide the operation shadowless lamp with the advantages of good heat dissipation effect, normal lighting and long service life. The operation lamp with the device includes a cover, a reflector with a hole at the top, a heat-insulating glass, a handle and a lamp source component; the lamp source component includes a lamp source and a heat-insulating cover with an opening and a bottom vent; the reflector installed in the cover A convection channel is formed between the insulating glass and the reflector clamped between the reflector and the ring cover to form a separation space; a plurality of gaskets are arranged between the insulating glass and the reflector to form a plurality of channels through the convection channel and the separation space.

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